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Shoulder Support

Model No : VA-6181


1. The shoulder brace uses a unique three-dimensional knitting technique that creates a anatomical fit around the contour of the joint for perfect body compliance.

2. The special knitting method allows your skin to breath so you can wear this shoulder brace comfortably all day.

3. It is reversible and may be used on either shoulder.

4. Fully Adjustable Straps for Custom fit while providing compression support.

5. Ideal for relief of sprains, bursitis & tendinitis, and to control arm movement in the treatment of dislocations.

Composition : Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, Spandex, Nylon, Latex, Polyester

Color : Black

Size :

M: Shoulder Breadth Below 44 CM
L: Shoulder Breadth
44-48 CM
XL: Shoulder Breadth Above 48 CM